The world has an image of what the America dream is and that is sadly only true for a minority of people. The truth is most of us have to work really hard everyday to achieve our goals and to get what we want to have in life, and sadly, most of the times the one way to get things is through a debt.

Americans need a loan for every thing they want to get, and the amount of monthly cash flow that goes to loan payments can be surprising.

But what do we spend more money in? What are those things we want so bad that we sign up for more debt to get?

Analyses show that the most common debt reasons for the average american are:

1.Credit cards: which involves all kinds of other expenses, with them we buy clothes, food, experiences, services, groceries and accessories.

2.Mortgage: buying a house in the United States for the average american, is a real life goal that takes, in most cases, a big part of their lives to be completed.

3.Cars: vehicles are more than a luxury, a real need nowadays, we want to have our family comfortable, safe and “in”. Not just having a car, but having the coolest car is a reason worth the debt for many of us.

4.Medical: everyday, Americans all over the country have faced that awful experience of paying huge bills from medical attention and drugs that their insurance do not cover.

5.Education: student loans are high competitors when we talk about what gives us more debt in life. Sadly the most important things aren’t free for many of us and others, not that important, we make them a need so we can fit in.

Each topic above can be analyzed, and will be, since statistics show interesting information you might find useful to know. We deal wit these scenarios all the time. People come to us with debt ranging in the thousands and think there is no possibility. But at Mediator Law Group, we have provided many of those people not only solutions but also debt relief! Imagine, paying your debt of in a fraction of the time for pennies on the dollar and not having to burn money away on interest? That’s what we can do for you. Call us. We can help.