We know is hard to be organized. Being disciplined is a difficult thing to practice in all aspects of life, but according to Japanese culture, it’s the most effective way to succeed in anything you do.

It’s a simple thing. Take the time, sit down by yourself or with family and together define a new home budget. Add up everyone’s income, establish all of the mandatory expenses, trying not to forget anything, and leave the unnecessary ones for later in a special “if we can afford it” list.

The real task is to make it happen.  When you get paid try to keep up with the budget. Let’s say you are paying the bills, but then you see that advertising for the new shoes you wanted… what do you do?

Here’s what we recommend. Why not wait? You and your family have done a great job so far by setting up a budget, organizing all expenses and agreeing to it. It is a really good first step, now the hard thing is to respect it and pay the bills first. If you make it through this, here’s the treat, the money you have left over is yours to spend. Save it or give it away which ever you prefer.

Our next suggestion is a budget formula I’ve been using for a few years now, and it works perfectly: 10 + 10 + 80

For 10% of your income pretend you never got it and put it in a savings account. Then, forget about it. And if you ever need it or have an emergency in a couple years you’ll have enough to overcome the emergency.

The other 10% is to help others. Spend time and share with other. It could be your family, someone you know is having a rough time, your church or a particular institution you feel like helping.

The 80% is to pay your bills, keep up to the family budget, get out of debt and live!