The best part of having a debt is possibly that glorious time when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and know you will finish it soon as there are just a few more payments and you are free! But, when the hanging stress of debt is finally no longer over you… you are now not only relieved but you also have cash flow.

Have you thought of what to do then?
Here are some tips for this very thing.
Loosen up a bit: If you have been making sacrifices and reduced all your expenses to a strict budget to pay off your debt, you totally deserve to enjoy your pocket’s freedom again and enjoy the money you work for.
Keep the discipline you got during the debt: Isn’t it fantastic? You developed self-control that you didn’t have before. You now take care better care of your finances by being more meticulous with what you spend and have a budget you have learned to respect. Even though you are able to enjoy more of your income, and finally buy that pair of shoes you wanted for so long – you should also stick as much as possible to that routine and remember that you never want to feel like a slave to debt again.
Pretend as if you still have a debt: Let go of the stress and worry caused by the debt, and give yourself some treats. But make sure that the money you have freed up isn’t given away completely at the mall or towards new debt for a new credit. Instead, you can pretend you are still in debt and save it, or even better – invest it. Money sitting doing nothing is money you are losing so consider careful your options and your goals.

Remember, you fought off debt. Most people don’t. Whatever new goal you set will now be faced with greater resolution than ever.