Safety at your Gas Station

Fraud should decline as a result of the switch to EMV cards, but gas stations are taking their time. It makes sense as it is a longer process and they want faster service for more (or less) traffic. at their business locations. Employ safety when using your credit card at any gas station. A few things that will help: pay close to the store (scam artists usually user pumps on the edge), use a credit card instead of a debit card and pay inside if possible.


Set up every alert possible. Not just thresholds or upcoming payments, but also for online transactions, foreign transactions or alerts for amounts over your normal everyday spending. They’re not annoying. They’re worth it.

Credit Limits

Don’t sleep on your credit limits. Keep asking and pushing for more. The higher your limits, the better your score. It doesn’t hurt to ask. It does hurt to get it and spend it for no reason. You want your Debt to income ratio to be great and your limits to be high.


Set financial goals for your credit this year. Get your score where you want it, drop your debt, manage your spending… whatever your desire – it all starts with WRITING IT DOWN. An unwritten goal is little more than a dream. Stop dreaming, start doing. Let 2018 be your best year for credit yet!