Nowadays it is almost impossible to do something without a credit card. For example, if you want to travel abroad, many countries will ask you for a credit card to let you enter because it’s a way to prove that you actually have a payment method to afford your whole visit to the country.

If you want to buy a car, a house or need a loan, they will review your credit score to check that you will be able to pay your debts. I could mention a lot of other examples where credit cards are required. This kind of “plastic” is just part of our lives.

On the other hand, there are a lot of individuals trying to take advantage of this, and you could become a victim of fraud, errors or identity theft.

Identity theft is one of the most common and up growing crimes in the last years. This is why it is important that you keep track of your credit reports at least once a year.

Here we display some ways to protect your identity and credit

  • You can ask for a free report once a year on your bank website or go to an agency to request it.
  • Other way to keep safe and out of unpleasant situations is not opening unnecessary accounts. Paying the full amount owed at the end of the month and contact your bank to check if it’s possible to lower your interest rate every six months at least.
  • You have the right to contact your credit agency and ask them to confirm your identity with a phone call every time someone requests a credit line under your name. Your bank will let you know what they need from you to do that.
  • Never let anyone see your personal documents, same that can be used to get credit, such as your ID or social security card. Make sure you keep this in a safe place where no one can use them to commit fraud.
  •  If you have been victim of any type of fraud you should immediately reach out to your credit agency to report the crime and they should help you to take care of the situation.

Always keep in mind that your credit line is vulnerable and you must do the necessary to keep it safe and away from fraud.

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